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The Remote Cleaning Company CEO 

The Accounting and Taxes Crash Course for Remote Cleaning CEOs

Book Cover for the Accounting and Taxes Crash Course for Remote Cleaning CEOs

I took a remote cleaning company to six figures and you can too. Start here.

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The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook Cover
The Remote Cleaning Company CEO Handbook...
The most detailed guide in the world on how to start and operate a cleaning company remotely, plus additional documents that cover everything you’ll need to run the business, including a phone interview script, recommended supplies for your cleaners, and a contractor agreement template to hire cleaners… and more!

When I started my remote cleaning business, I invested nearly $3,000 into an accelerator program that still didn't provide the level of detail that I needed to avoid some expensive mistakes.

Through trial and error, I eventually brought my company to a six-figure run rate, and I now spend around 5 hours per week maintaining the business. It’s gone from a laborious second job to a relatively passive cash-flowing machine.

But this wasn't without some sleepless nights, months of frustration and a lot of expensive errors.

My goal with this handbook is to provide at least 10X the value that it costs to purchase. If you start a remote cleaning company, this book will return at least $4,000 in value by saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes. If you choose to purchase this handbook and you don’t think it’s delivered this much value, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

This book will allow you to fully understand the remote cleaning business model, choose the right marketing and hiring platforms for your business, and deal with "fires" effectively that could otherwise sink your business. Plus, a lot more.

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