Why Start a Home Cleaning Business?

Why Start a Home Cleaning Business?

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THE ANSWER: Because all anybody wants to talk about are technology, crypto, and day trading. In a world where flashy-looking companies and crypto billionaires dominate the narrative, nobody is looking at boring businesses like home cleaning, which presents an opportunity.

Why is it so easy to compete in the residential cleaning industry?

Most cleaning companies in the United States don’t even have a website, and those that do typically don’t offer things like online booking or automatic quotes, and even if they do, they almost never work on your cell phone. If you were to call the average cleaning company in most places in the US, you would find that most of them don’t even pick up their phones. They usually have a poor understanding of things like SEO and the importance of reviews on Google or Yelp, and many of them are still tracking their appointments on paper. However, despite this, the average cleaning company in the US is swamped with demand.

If you can get a cleaning company on the phone, most will tell you that they’re booked out for several weeks. This overwhelming demand is because there are more customers than people able to provide the service. This can be seen by the incredibly low cost of leads in the cleaning industry. Platforms like Google Local Service Ads charge between $20-$30 per lead, which is astronomically low compared to flashier industries like E-Commerce or SEO. 

All of this represents an incredible opportunity because anyone can outperform the average cleaning company in the US with the right technology and execution. By offering fully online booking, automatic quotes, and above-average customer service, you can rise above 99% of cleaning companies.

Additionally, many of the customers in the residential cleaning industry are recurring, meaning that cleaning companies can produce consistent and predictable cashflows month after month. On top of this, the customers in the residential cleaning industry are stickier than almost any other home services business. Once customers have a cleaner they like, they will usually continue hiring them for multiple months and even years. This means that customers who cost between $20-40 to acquire can produce tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime value.

The big picture: why start a home cleaning business?

All of this goes without mentioning the most incredible statistic of all. According to the global database IBISWorld, there are roughly 1 million cleaning businesses in the United States, and only 2 million people are employed in the cleaning industry. This means that the average size of a cleaning company in the US is only two people, meaning the industry is fragmented and lacks major players. Meaning on a macroeconomic level, there is an opportunity to consolidate the cleaning industry with the help of technology.  The people who build these businesses will be able to create billion-dollar companies, and they will do it in the next decade.

All of these factors represent an incredible opportunity to build massive cash-flowing businesses in a market primed for disruption with very low barriers to entry. However, despite all of this, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Challenges can still prevent people from succeeding with this business model. This is why I wrote the Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook.

The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook is guaranteed to be the best available resource for starting and operating a profitable cleaning business remotely. If you utilize the principles and strategies in the Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook, my promise is that you’ll have the best possible chance of building a successful cleaning business remotely, and you won’t need to clean a single house.

Not quite ready for the handbook? Check out this blog post on how to start a cleaning business remotely.

If you’re ready to go deeper and want an in-depth guide on how to build a remote cleaning business successfully, including essential documents to help you along the way like a phone interview script, cleaner job description, the supplies your cleaners will need, and even an example contractor agreement to hire cleaners as 1099 contractors, you can purchase the Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook here: The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook.


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