welcome to Ponto.Dev

About the brand.

What is, why did I start it, and why should you care?

I've started a bunch of different businesses, and I intend to start more.

Entrepreneurship is hard, and I've failed more times than I've succeeded.

I've done everything from drop shipping to social media marketing to clothing to web development to residential cleaning. Some of these businesses succeeded, most of them failed, and all of them taught me more than any class I've ever taken.

The trend throughout these experiences is that I've always written down everything that I was learning as I learned it. I have a short attention span, always moving quickly from one thing to the next, and my hope is that this ADHD approach to business allows me to create some of the most interesting business-related content on the internet.


I want to be an explorer, a pioneer trekking head first into different businesses and ideas. Most recently, I started a residential cleaning business remotely. I made some money, then dove deep into everything that took to succeed and wrote a book about it. After writing the book, I realized that the knowledge I had gained would be worth thousands of dollars to anyone even remotely interested in starting that kind of business, between the time the information would save and the mistakes it would allow people to avoid.

My book made a little money, and I got overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who bought it. People said I'd saved them months of time, countless headaches, and that I had provided a more detailed and easy-to-understand playbook for how to succeed in a specific business model than they had ever read...

This made me realize that this is what I wanted to do with my life. To create informational products that actually work. Building ladders that can allow anyone to level up in the world. Writing business cookbooks that, when implemented, create something amazing. This isn’t just some blog. This is my life’s work, and I’m just getting started.

This business model of monetizing the information that I'm continuing to learn through my experiences allows me to make money by trying new things. This is my dream job. So, whether you're a customer of one of my books, a follower on social media, or simply a viewer online, I appreciate you for helping me live my dream.

If you want to start a cleaning business, I have what I believe is the best informational product in the world on how to do it for a reasonable price. It's linked to the header of this blog.

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