The Mainstream Twitter Strategy is Bullsh*t

The Mainstream Twitter Strategy is Bullsh*t

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"Find a tweet/thread that blew up, change a few words and post it yourself" is advice that people are saying with straight faces.

But when you really think about it, this is the strategy on every level of content creation. Specifically, I'm thinking about Netflix.

Last night I watched The Grey Man, and I loved it, but I also knew exactly what was gonna happen 20 minutes into the movie.

The plot line has done extremely well in the past, so they're recycling it. This happens on Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, you name it. Somebody posts something original, then other people see that it performs well, and they recreate it.

It's easier to recreate content that you know is gonna work, and I think it becomes more tempting the more success you gain because you have more to lose if you bomb. Netflix has shareholders that NEEd the next movie to succeed, so they'll take fewer risks.

But it's the original content that's gonna make you famous. Squid Game made Netflix a trillion dollars or something crazy because Squid Game was DIFFERENT.

Recreating content that previously did well might help you gain followers, but the original content will make you rich.


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