Cleaning Business Spotlight: What to Look for in a Residential Cleaning Company

Cleaning Business Spotlight: What to Look for in a Residential Cleaning Company


When searching for a house cleaning company that you can trust, there are three key factors to keep in mind:

  1. The services that they offer
  2. Their reviews
  3. Their social media presence

Each of these things are essential to finding a cleaning company that's going to be able to deliver on everything that you need, do a good job every time, and go above and beyond to build their brand by making sure that you're consistently happy with the job that they do. To provide an example of a company that is doing an excellent job at all three of these things, I've decided to highlight City of Good Maids. City of Good Maids is a residential cleaning company in Buffalo, New York, which offers a wide variety of housekeeping services, has reviews across several different platforms, and is active on social media. To start, let's talk about the services that they offer.

A Spectrum of Cleaning Services

The most important thing when deciding which cleaning company to hire is to ensure they provide the services you need. For that reason, it's a huge benefit for house cleaning companies to offer more than just standard house cleaning services. City of Good Maids offers:

  1. Standard, one-time cleanings
  2. Recurring cleanings (at a discount)
  3. Deep cleaning services
  4. Move in/out cleaning services
  5. Airbnb/rental property cleaning services

This is massively beneficial when deciding between cleaning companies because regardless of the type of service that you need, you know that they'll be able to deliver. When you're comparing different cleaning companies in your area, one thing to look at is if they provide a discount to recurring customers. This is something that City of Good Maids highlights on their page dedicated to their recurring cleaning services, saying that they give up to a 20% discount to their recurring customers. When comparing different cleaning companies, this is a huge benefit compared to a company that charges the same amount to one-time customers and recurring customers.

Positive reviews across a variety of platforms

Google reviews are hard to fake, so a great first step in the selection process when deciding between cleaning companies should be looking at their average review on Google and the number of reviews they've accumulated. City of Good Maids has 13 Google reviews that are all 5 stars, a very difficult feat to achieve if the company doesn't deliver a high-quality service. However, beyond their Google reviews, City of Good Maids has four positive testimonials on Facebook and a 5-star rating on Yelp. Achieving 5-star ratings across various platforms, without a single negative review anywhere online, is difficult to achieve. Although there are absolutely companies with more reviews, City of Good Maids clearly does an excellent job of catering to every customer, which is a phenomenal green flag when you're selecting the cleaning company that will care for your home.

Active and Engaging Social Presence

Beyond offering various services and garnering 5-star reviews across multiple platforms, another thing to consider when evaluating different house cleaning companies is whether or not they're active on social media. Although this isn't nearly as high of a priority as having great reviews, being active on platforms like Facebook shows that the company is engaged with its community, and it also provides a forum for customers to complain about the company if they have anything negative to say. For this reason, you can navigate to the company's Facebook page that you're evaluating and go to "Mentions" and "Reviews" to see if anyone has said anything negative or positive about the company. This is a very difficult factor to control because if someone is unhappy with a company, the company can't do anything to remove a negative mention.

Returning to City of Good Maids, we can see that they are very active on Facebook, posting a few times per week and accumulating 54 followers. Although this isn't a huge number, it's enough to show that they are engaged with their community and care about forming relationships with their customers. Additionally, they don't have any negative mentions, and on posts with comments, they are overwhelmingly positive. This indicates that the company cares about its community and will be heavily invested in doing a great job for its customers in order to maintain that reputation.

How to Choose the Right Company

Choosing a residential cleaning company is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’re not just selecting a service; you’re inviting people into your home. To make sure that you're making the right decision, the top three things to investigate include:

  1. The services that they offer
  2. Their reviews across a variety of platforms, especially Google
  3. Their social media presence and their relationships with community members.

By researching these three things, you'll find a cleaning company you know you can trust to always do a great job in keeping your home as clean as possible.


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