A business idea with insane tailwinds

A business idea with insane tailwinds

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A cybersecurity company that specializes in removing your personal information from the internet.

You hire them, and they do a deep background check on you, trying to learn everything they can about you from what's publicly available.

Then, they break it down for you in a report, and you can decide what you want to get rid of. I think over the next decade, it’s going to get more and more difficult to have any form of privacy, so people will be willing to pay a huge premium for it.

Hiding things like your home address or info about your family could become more and more valuable. Especially when there’s so much money in data, companies will continue getting more aggressive about learning every possible thing about you to form more targeted advertisements. This data will get more accessible to smaller companies as time goes on. 

Even if people are already doing it, I think if you had the technical background to provide this as a service, or you just spent time learning how to do it, you could make a LOT of money.

And it would be so easy to sell to people.

Just show people how much of their data companies already have. Or even better, get people’s email addresses from a tool like where you can scrape email addresses off websites, then put the email in a service like BeenVerified and send them all the info you were able to get.

That would be a crazy cold email campaign. Maybe unethical because you would freak people out, but you could probably charge $100+ an hour for a service like that.

I'm long on companies like DuckDuckGo that value privacy. I don’t think most people understand how much data is collected on them by advertisers and platforms like TikTok.

To be fair, I know this idea probably already exists, but I’m unaware of any household names doing it for consumers.

Feel free to steal!


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