A Business Idea So Good I'm Afraid To Write About It

A Business Idea So Good I'm Afraid To Write About It

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What if you could charge people to run your business for you?

Classes, podcasts, books… it's all valuable. But none of it is the real thing.

I own a remote cleaning company. What if people interested in starting their own remote cleaning company could run mine for 1 month? You'd learn 10X more than any class you could possibly buy, AND you'd be able to PRACTICE.

Practice makes perfect, and I've learned since starting a business that the most valuable thing about running a company is the opportunity to practice things like talking to customers and employees, putting out fires, and managing day-to-day operations. It doesn't just take knowledge to run a company, it takes skill, and the only way to acquire this skill is by actually doing it.

If I turned this into a hands-on course that you could pay for, the first week would just be watching videos on everything you need to know to run the business, then the next three weeks would be applying what you've learned to MY business. There could even be a commission program in place where you’d be incentivized to experiment and try and grow the company's sales in creative ways just to see what would happen. After four weeks, you get all of the templates/materials you need to hit the ground running.

Then the program could include three months of coaching after people have launched their own businesses to ensure they don't make any dumb mistakes and have someone they can ask questions to.

People could gain experience actually running businesses without any risk or downside. Obviously, there would be a risk to MY business, but it isn't that hard to spin up a remote cleaning company. Now that I know what I'm doing, I could throw together a business with a few cleaners and start getting customers within a month. I could have 3-4 going at the same time to take on multiple clients at once.

During my favorite college class I’ve ever taken, they gave us a $5,000 loan and told us to start a business, and at the end of the year, everyone kept a small percentage of the profits. I learned more from that class than from every other class I've ever taken combined.

The best thing about this idea is that it could be applied to any industry. For example, I've always wanted to know what work is involved in starting an Amazon FBA business. From the outside, it looks like these people are just printing money, but from my own experiences of starting businesses that are supposed to be super easy and provide passive income... they literally never do. So I want to know, "why doesn't everyone start an Amazon FBA business?" The best way to understand this extremely quickly would be to get behind the wheel and actually run one for a few weeks.

In fact, I'd pay for this experience just because I'm a business nerd. I'd love to learn more about different types of businesses and how they work, even if I wasn't planning on starting an Amazon FBA business.

The model could be easily applied to digital marketing, drop shipping, and lead generation companies. Essentially any business that can be operated remotely could offer something like this, and I'd pay way more for the opportunity to actually run a business than for any class on how to do it.


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